Thursday Services

Bible School leads services every Thursday 7:00 PM-8:30 PM. Fellowship time with tea, coffee are organized after services.

By leading these services young people are involved in the spiritual work in our church. They worship God here, listen sermons, pray, repent and change their lives.


November 28, 2019. No evening service in main hall and no Bible School service in the evening in south hall. There will be a church morning Thanksgiving service at 10 AM and youth celebration in south hall at 7:15 PM.

December 5, 2019. Speaker – Bogdan Petrovskiy and Nikolay Dorokhov.

December 12, 2019. Speaker – Andrey Petrovskiy. Bible School service will be in choir room.

December 19, 2019. Speaker – Dmitriy Zadniprovskiy. Bible School service will be in choir room. Christmas party after the service.

December 26, 2019. No Bible School service. Only 2nd day Christmas service in main hall at 7 PM.