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May 23-25, 2014. Friday - Saturday

A conference of the UCEF of America in Sacramento.



May 31, 2014. Saturday

A conference  of Department of Education in SCC.

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June 26-29, 2014. Thursday-Sunday

Youth Camp.



July 31- August 3, 2014. Thursday Sunday

Bible School Camp.



October 9 - 11, 2014. Thursday - Saturday

countrywide ministers conference in Washington State.



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Slavic Bible School Camp 2014


Slavic Bible School Camp is the crown of the work of Bible School throughout the whole year. People in camp are placed into small groups, like little families. Recreation, games, services, powerful prayers and late night talks around a campfire are just little bit of, what summer camps are all about.

At the center of Bible School Camp lies real joy in the Holy Spirit, prayer and Gods presence. Young people gain unforgettable lessons taught by anointed teachers, pastors, and counselors, while forming lasting memories and new friendship. We dedicate this camp to the work of the Holy Spirit.

As Christians following the example set by our Lord Jesus Christ, we believe in power of prayers. We pray that Bible School Camp 2013 would meet the spiritual and moral needs of our campers. Our goal is to create a place where young people can allow God to restore and uplift their hearts. Though much planning is poured into the organization of this camp, we know that without God our efforts would be in vain. Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, they watchman keeps awake in vain (Psalm 127:1).

Our goal is to create a place where young people will allow God to restore and uplift their hearts.
Pray with us for our preachers, worship team, administration, cell leaders and our staff, so the Bible School Camp 2014 will meet the spiritual and moral needs of our souls.
Welcome to the Bible School Camp 2014. We are glad to have you and hope to experience a great time with God together. God bless you!

Slavic Bible School Administration

Camp 2014 application page 1 >>>

Camp 2014 application page 2 >>>

Camp 2014 medical form >>>


School of Ministry

School of Ministry will be holding a three-week leadership training on Sundays (July 13th, 20th, and 27th) at 6 pm in the choir room. This training will be focused on preparing leaders to serve as cabin counselors at Bible School camp July 31st-August 3rd, 2014. All cabin counselors listed for Bible School Camp 2014 must attend. Those who are considering becoming a leader in the future or want to know more about leadership are also welcome to come. Bible School Administraion  


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Posted on 07/10/14


Slavic Christian Center Nursery  


Slavic Christian Center nursery is looking for dedicated volunteers for Saturdays and/or Sundays, once or twice a month. Please contact Tatyana at 253-250-6658. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to service God and people.

/ , . . 253-250-6658. .   
Posted on 05/03/14


The Orphans and Widows Mission

The department of the Orphans and Widows mission is asking for your help. If you have items to help the disabled or any hygiene products, please let us know. We are willing to stop by your house. This will help many people in need, who have no one to support them. Thank you very much. May God richly bless you. Please call: 253-353-3310.  

" " . , , . . , . . . : 253-353-3310.

Posted on 11/03/12


The Nursery Room

We are excited to announce that the nursery room is open. The purpose of the nursery is to provide a place for kids 1 to 3 years old, who have a hard time sitting still in church for 2 hours, so that they could play while their mothers are in church. The kids will be supervised by moms, who will take turns watching them. We are thankful to God and everybody involved for contributing to the organization of the nursery. We are still looking for volunteers and asking for toy donations. For more information please call/text Tatyana Avramenko (253) 250-6658 or Inna Babin (253) 219-2722.

, . 1 3 , , , . , . , , . . (253) 250-6658 (253) 219-2722.

Posted on 09/23/12


 Slavic Christian Radio

Dear brothers and sisters in faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. With God's help and with the rising number of listeners, we have purchased more bandwidth and added more listener seats for Slavic Christian Radio. With more bandwidth and listener seats, we are able to support a larger community of listeners. Please keep us in your prayers, and listen as well as spread the word about Slavic Christian Radio. God Bless. - Slavic Christian Radio Administrator

You can listen and invite others to listen as well:

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Posted on 04/12/12